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  Council of Trustees  

Structure of Council of Trustees:

Beliyaninov Andrey – Director of Federal Customs Service

Poltavchenko Georgiy – Plenipotentiary of President of RF in Central Federal region

utive director
Evropeitsev Leonid

Baydakov Sergey – Vice-chairman of Mayor of Moscow in Moscow goverment, President of Association of Street Basketball (ASB)
Bodunkov Alexey – Minister of privity of Moscow region Goverment
Bortsov Nikolay – Member of State Duma of RF
Dvurechenskikh Viktor – Chairmen of Control and Account Chamber of Moscow, President of Youth Basketball Association (YBA)
Zuzin Igor - General Director of "Mechel"
Ivanov Sergey - Vice-chairman of Goverment of RF
Kiknadze Vasiliy – General Director of TV Channell "Sport"
Kozitsin Andrey – General Director of «UMMC-Holding»
Konovalov Alexander - Minister of Justice of RF, President of Students' Basketball Association (SBA)
Kuzyakin Alexander – Director of «Beraue of customer», President of St.Petersburg Basketball Federation
Monosov Leonid – Director of municipal order of capital building of Moscow, President of Moscow Basketball Federation
Peregudov Andrey– Senior Vice president, chief of property department of "Bank VTB"
Resin Vladimir – First vice -chairman of mayor of Moscow in Moscow Goverment, chief of architecture complex, building, development and reconstructure of Moscow
Sedov Alexey – Chief of constitution defence service and strife with terrorism of FSS RF
Tarakanov Sergey – Olympic Champion
Chemezov Sergey – General Director of state corporation for development assistance, production and export of high technological industrial products "Rostekhnologii"